Tri Nitro Tournament : JPML at 7th Detonation

  1. Pôle Compétition

    Tri Nitro Tournament : 6th Detonation

    Welcome everybody!   The sixth detonation is over. We have started with a polar cold, followed by a winter sun, ended by a fine spring rain.   Congrats to Alexis Azoulai who, after a little bit more than gaming 6h, managed to win the tournament. Geneviève Godart and Zeyu Sun...
  2. Pôle Compétition

    TNT League – Final results 2018

    2018 TNT League has ended. After 6 months, from 2018 January to 2018 June, as 12 sessions which have gathered 10 differents players, Zeyu S. won TNT league, followed by Antoine R.. and Joe-Calberson H.. Thanks to all players and see you soon! Full ranking is available here.