Study session with the JPML

Study session with the JPML

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Under a suggestion from the JPML (Japan Professional Mahjong League) and in collaboration with MMSP (Magic Mahjong Social Pung), TNT shall organize on next June, 13th and 14th, a wonderful and unique event: a study session held by Mr. Moriyama, from the JPML.

Here follows how the event shall proceed:

  1. There will be an event on Saturday, 13th, June,
  2. The event shall start at 16:00, in the MMSP clubroom, and end at 20:00,
  3. The event shall be a study session, presented by Mr. Moriyama from the JPML, with discussions about case problems people are having, reading discards and how to improve play. For example, a table playing with hands open or using a PC and projector to play videos and discuss or use ron2’s function where you can replay games,
  4. The first hour or so shall be in order to gather tactical questions about actual cases. It’s advised to come with problems and questions prepared,
  5. Games, a computer and a projector shall be available, in order to replicate a given situation, so accurate problems and questions about exact situations are preferred,
  6. A continuation of the event shall be held on Sunday, 14th, June,
  7. This second session shall start at 11:00, in the TNT clubroom, and end at 17:00,
  8. This second session shall consist more in playing games, with coaching from Mr. Moriyama,
  9. For both sessions, translations can be performed into English if needed,
  10. Both sessions are free for all EMA licenced players,
  11. The number of place being limited to 32 for both sessions, any person interested by any of the session should send an mail to TNT,
  12. It’s possible to assist to one session and not the other, so one should mention for which session he’s registering.


  1. OLF, i.e. Olf Le Fol

    27 May 2015
    Saturday’s session Sunday’s session
       1. Olivier Cao (TNT)    1. Olivier Cao (TNT)
       2. Kaoru Goto    2. Kaoru Goto
       3. Sylvain Malbec (TNT)    3. Sylvain Malbec (TNT)
       4. Jérémie Pierard de Maujouy (TNT)    4. Shinsaku Ikeda (RER)
       5. Sean Shorten (TNT)    5. Raphaëlle Fuseau
       6. Antoine Rossard (TNT)    6. Sean Shorten (TNT)
       7. Isabelle CP    7. Antoine Rossard (TNT)
       8. Cézanne Ip (TNT)    8. Yukio Koriyama
       9. Gemma Sakamoto    9. Samuel Poidevin
      10. David Clarke   10. Léo Perriguey (TNT)
      11. Axel Eschenburg   11. Cézanne Ip (TNT)
      12. Christian Hamelain (TNT)   12. Gemma Sakamoto
      13. Julien Rateau (TNT)   13. David Clarke
      14. Jean-Marc Dedieu   14. Axel Eschenburg
      15. Tamara Pogosian (TNT)   15. Tamara Pogosian (TNT)
      16. Geneviève Godart   16. Geneviève Godart
  2. OLF, i.e. Olf Le Fol

    27 May 2015


    • MMSP : 33 rue Blanche, 75009 Paris
    • T.N.T : 45-47 rue des pavillons, 92800 Puteaux
  3. OLF, i.e. Olf Le Fol

    27 May 2015

    Presentation of the professional: Mr. Moriyama is no less than one of the founders and the current president of the JPML. He’s also one of the members of the World Riichi Championship Comitee.

    If you want to know more about this iconic player, you can read his interview on
    Part IPart II

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