Study session: report

Study session: report

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The exceptional event that was the study and coaching session by a professional Japanese player thus took place last weekend. We were a total of twenty-six persons, over both days, some only coming on Saturday, others only on Sunday, but most coming on both days, from seven different clubs amidst which two foreign countries (TNT, of course, but also MMSP, RER, FDO, Tiin Azur, the United Kingdom and Germany).
As scheduled, we started on the first day with answers to questions or problems. However, due to a lack of such questions,it ended with a coaching session, with four people playing a “normal” game though with open tiles, with Mr. Moriyama commenting each move. It’s on such a format that the second day happened, with in the very end “normal” games with closed tiles, though with coaching from Mr. Moriyama.
The whole event was recorded and filmed (we were able to get our hands on two cameras), though I cannot guarantee yet the quality of anything. Everything shall be available for every club that requests it (or posted here, in fact), as soon as some cuts and editing are done.

In the end, the whole TNT team hopes that everyone present enjoyed this experience and considered it was largely worth it (one person told me he learnt more in these two days than in six years of gaming, which pleased me quite a bit) and thanks:

  • Mr. Moriyama, without whom this event couldn’t have happened,
  • Gemma Sakamoto, without whom this event couldn’t have happened either, Gemma having been the main actor of the event, since not only was she the main link with Mr. Moriyama, she was also the main organizer and coordinator for everything,
  • Raphaëlle Fuseau, who kindly acted as our Japanese-English (and vice-versa) translator for both days,
  • The FFMJ, for its support and participation,
  • Shinsaku Ikeda, for many helps of all kinds,
  • MMSP, who lent us their clubroom on Saturday, and especially Hubert Vignaud who came and managed it,
  • Simon Picard from Chuuren Potos, who lent the first camera,
  • Sylvain Malbec,for the second camera,
  • Everyone who came in order to participate to the event, since it happened for them thus couldn’t have been successful without their enthusiasm.

A huge thank to all of you!

As a conclusiong, I can but invite you to answer this post in order to tell your experience of the event, your feelings, your comments, your suggestions, so that if such an event happen again (and we do hope it will!), it can be but better! Once again, thanks to all of you!

The main actors of the event
(from left to right: Raphaëlle Fuseau, Gemma Sakamoto and her husband, Mr. Moriyama and his wife, Shinsaku Ikeda)


  1. Luke M.

    18 June 2015

    Hi! I’d like to request the footage for the Rochester, NY Reach Mahjong Clubs “Mahjong @ Hammergirl Anime” and “RIT Nine Gates Mahjong Club”. Please drop us a line via the email I left, or the website Thank you so, so much for hosting such a unique opportunity, we’re really looking forward to it!

  2. Luke M.

    1 July 2015

    Any further info on those recordings? Really eager to take a peek!

  3. OLF, i.e. Olf Le Fol

    2 July 2015

    Hi Luke,

    So, here’s the heads-up about the movie coverage of the riichi seminar…

    All the files were made available to Simon Picard, from Chuuren Potos. However, due to computer troubles and free time, Simon shouldn’t be able to work much on them but during this summer. As such, they should be available on September, one possible objective being to be able to show them at the September Riichi at Rennes. If anyone is able to work on them, mayhap he can contact Simon (sim DOT pic @ free DOT fr) to share the load? There may be a problem with sharing the raw files, though, as there are over 200 GB. I was able to put about 80 GB on my site but I don’t have enough storage place available for all of them…

  4. OLF, i.e. Olf Le Fol

    1 December 2015

    A new heads-up.

    Due to many problems, Simon was only able to recently complete compiling and editing of the videos about the riichi study session.
    They’re currently in the approval process by both the EMA and Mr. Moriyama.