T.N.T League Season 1 Tiles War - Rules

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Period of time

The first TNT League’s session: Tiles War will start as and from March 11th 2013 to June 22nd 2013.


Every Monday and Saturday, except when center is closed: tournaments, animation and TNT academy


TNT center only


Open to all members affiliated to an FFMJ club.

Ground rules

Every player at the table must be in agreement before starting if the game is to be counted for the League. They also must decide about the duration of the game: Half Hanchan (East Tour only) or Full Hanchan (East + South)

A game is valid if the following conditions are met:

  • Score sheet dated and signed
  • Score addition = 0
  • Game is over 5 minutes before the end of the session


Players have to referee their own game. Whenever a problem occurs, they can refer to other players. Fair play and good humor are the most important rules to respect.

Calculate points

Calculating points is part of the EMA system.

Players points are composed of 3 elements:

  • Regular points
  • Performance points
  • Participation malus

You calculate as follows:


Points =

(Regular points/ 2)  + (Performance points/ 2) – Participation malus

Game weight

Weight depends on the type of played game

  • Half Hanchan = 1
  • Full Hanchan = 2

Regular points=

(Game score 1 * Game weight 1) + (Game score 2 * Game weight 2) + …… + (Game score N * Game weight N)

(Game weight sum)

Performance points=

(Best game score 1 * Best game weight 1) + (Best game score 2 * Best game weight 2) + (Best game score 3 * Best game weight 3)

(3 Best game weight sum)

Participation malus

Each player starts with a 200 000 malus points. This malus decrease by 10 000 points per Game weight played. So, for an half hanchan played (east only), player malus is descreased by 10000 points, and a Full Hanchan (East + South) decrease the malus by 20 000.Every played game decrease the malus until it reach 0, and do not impact player score anymore.